It started simply enough

ButterGirl is to blame.

After living together for six years without the least sense of loss for not being married, work took me out of town for many months.  I realized I didn’t want to live without her.  Even though I thought marriage was an iffy idea, I asked her to marry me.

Two years ago, she looked up from her drive to the company where she was a senior manager and realized it was time to make a change.  The new business would be a cookie and brownie bakery.  At least that was the first idea the came to mind when people asked her what’s next.  But the plan was to take a few weeks, regroup, relax, and then make a smart choice.  One of the people at her November farewell lunch was a vendor she’d worked with for many years.

“Would you bake cookies as a holiday gift for my clients?” the vendor asked.  If you’re in the business of starting businesses, there’s a word for this.  Her word for it was, “Yes!”  That’s how ButterGirl Baking was born.

That was two years ago.  She’s long since outgrown her factory (our home).  That’s why we started looking for a house.

If it weren’t for her, finding 12 Moon Hill might never have happened.

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