Time capsule: More repairs

Another time capsule:  I’m writing this post on July 8, 2011 and saving it for publication later.

From our architect:

Have had a chance to go into 12MHR once since we spoke, talking with apartment tenant. He knows a lot of recent history and quirks about the property…i.e. apartment issues:
1. Roof leaks in several places. Needs replacement. Trees overgrown and pine needles in gutter contributing to ice-dams.
2. Electric heating bill = $350/month. One wall unit not used as it is un-safe. Uses space heaters as well.
3. Plans show that kitchen area probably has a pre-framed skylight opening that was closed at some point.
4. Existing aluminum sliding glass doors freeze shut in winter because of condensate running down into base track and freezing.

Sorry to just dump this out there, but did not want to lose the folk data.

Today, we are 55 days before closing.  About this news, what can I say but, “Of course.”

Am I living in a money pit?